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Keychron Q3 Review: Odd Knob Out

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Mechanical keyboards have evolved from bricks with loud solenoid switches to rectangles with hundreds of varieties of switches and keycaps to fit your needs. The issue with the hobby is that it’s very expensive, which is evident in fantastic but expensive planks like the Mode Designs Mode Eighty. Even some of the best gaming keyboards can get pricey with all the bells and whistles included.

This is where boards like the Keychron Q lineup come in. The Q-series offers enthusiast-grade features for affordable prices and is almost constantly in stock. The Keychron Q3, the company’s latest, is a tenkeyless, gasket-mount board that ticks all of the boxes when it comes to features but misses some in the typing experience thanks to a stiffer-than-expected feel and hollower-than-expected sound. The Q3 is offered either barebones (starting at $154) or fully assembled with a rotary knob for $184.

Keychron Q3 Specs

Switches Gateron G Pro Brown
Lighting Non-addressable 
Onboard Storage 5 profiles
Media Keys Rotary knob or configurable
Connectivity USB Type-C
Cable 6 feet, braided
Additional Ports None
Keycaps Doubleshot PBT
Software QMK, VIA
Dimensions (LxWxH) 365.1 x 137 x 38.1mm
Weight  2.5 pounds

Design for the Keychron Q3

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Keychron Q3

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)
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Keychron Q3

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)
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Keychron Q3

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Keychron Q3

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

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