Asus Debuts 14-Inch ProArt 32:9 Touch Display

Asus Debuts 14-Inch ProArt 32:9 Touch Display

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Asus is currently showcasing a new line-up of ProArt displays at NAB 2022 in Las Vegas. Among the interesting new devices is the Asus ProArt Display PA147CDV, a 14 inch 1920 x 550 touchscreen portable monitor with hardware Asus Dial. The PA147CDV is scheduled to become available in North America later this quarter.

Though it is described as a portable monitor, the PA147CDV might be popular as a second screen in a desktop setup. The 32:9 aspect ratio fit nicely into a screen designed for consumption, with the Asus Dial and touchscreen providing extra inputs for creators.

In some other visuals shared by Asus, we see the PA147CDV sitting in front of a laptop being used for content creation tasks where keyboard input is a secondary concern.

(Image credit: Asus)

There are a lot of portable monitors around now, but the 14-inch (1920 x 550) 32:9 IPS touchscreen of the Asus ProArt Display PA147CDV helps it stand out from the crowd. Of the key features, the 32:9 display is touch enabled. As well as regular finger prodding with 10-point touch, it supports Microsoft Pen Protocol 2.0 for more refined functionality.

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