Der8auer's 12th Gen CPU Contact Frame Revealed, Tested

Der8auer’s 12th Gen CPU Contact Frame Revealed, Tested

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Extreme overclocker and YouTuber der8auer has revealed his 12th Gen CPU Contact Frame, which is being manufactured by Thermal Grizzly. In addition to the precision machined anodized aluminum frame, which evenly distributes pressure on your Intel Alder Lake CPU, the OC expert demoed a new lapping frame. This secondary frame can be used if you wish to ensure your CPU is perfectly flat when installed in the LGA1700-sized Contact Frame on your motherboard.

Before we talk about this new product, we would like to provide some background regarding why some people will be keen to purchase this product or others like it. In brief, the 12th Gen CPU is somewhat longer than previous generations but is still retained by pressure from the Integrated Loading Mechanism (ILM) at its center. Due to this pressure, its surface can become concave. Using replacement ILM frame mods can help reduce or remove any concave surface effect. It has also been found that using 0.5mm plastic washers and the existing motherboard Intel-designed ILM helps to reduce concavity.

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