Arm Retakes Control of China Operation, Erratic CEO Replaced

Arm Retakes Control of China Operation, Erratic CEO Replaced

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The chairman and CEO of Arm China, who refused to give up his prestigious tech leadership role despite being fired in 2020, may have finally been pushed out of the door. A Reuters report says that Allen Wu has been replaced and that all Chinese legal processes were satisfied.

The replacement of the Arm China CEO appears to be a rapidly developing story. On Wednesday, we reported on Allen Wu’s exit being imminent when Arm went to court to get new business registration documents and a new seal (sometimes called a chop) issued. Mr. Wu had steadfastly refused to let go of these important symbols of ownership in Chinese business.

Earlier today, with the wheels of business law looking like they were going to roll over Mr. Wu, the stubborn Arm China boss claimed there were flaws in the business registration process by which new documents and a new seal were issued. He also published a letter to Arm China’s WeChat page. This letter, apparently signed by 430 Arm China staff, said that the organization would continue with Wu as the leader, even though the court issued documents and a seal.

Wu hasn’t updated his LinkedIn profile yet (Image credit: Future)

However, an Arm spokesperson insisted all Chinese law had been followed in full, with a new seal and business license granted by Chinese governmental authorities in Shenzhen. “The relevant agency in Shenzhen has registered Dr. Liu as the company’s legal representative and general manager, and duly issued a new chop and business license to Dr. Liu,” said an Arm Ltd spokesperson.

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