Lenovo's New 'Slim' Laptops Come in Glass and Carbon

Lenovo’s New ‘Slim’ Laptops Come in Glass and Carbon

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Lenovo is refreshing its line of premium, clamshell laptops today under a new name: Lenovo Slim. The 2-in-1 convertibles will continue to be known as Yoga (and in many markets outside of the United States, these will also be called Yoga).

The Slim line consists of a number of new models, from the glass-covered, ultra-slim Lenovo Slim 9i to models with Nvidia and Intel GPUs, as well as both AMD and Intel’s processors. It also has some of the first AMD “HS” series chips we’ve seen outside of Asus’ gaming notebooks. The majority of the lineup is expected to launch in June 2022.

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Lenovo Slim Laptops

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