Wooting two HE, A Hall Effect Keyboard

Wooting two HE, A Hall Effect Keyboard

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Meet Lekker Switches

The Wooting two was first shown off during Computex way back in 2018 but it quickly became apparent that the analog Flaretech-based switches they used were not up to the job.  That’s not to say the switches were bad, only that they were not the right choice for what Wooting intended.  The following year they showed of a redesigned keyboard which used Hall Effect based Lekker switches, released a limited edition model using them and promised to get a mass produced model to market soon.  Then 2020 happened.

It is now 2022 and the Wooting two HE is now reality, as TechPowerUp can attest two seeing as how they received one to review.  If you haven’t dealt with Wooting before, you should know that they don’t tend to ship assembled keyboards.  This is to allow you to chose the keycaps you desire, either one of the two PBT keycap kits Wooting sells, or compatible caps from another supplier.  TPU went with Wooting’s own PBT caps to top off the switches, which do come installed already.

As for why you would want a Hall Effect keyboard and how well it performs?  That’s what the review is for!

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