Intel Announces 12th Gen Core HX Processors

Intel Announces 12th Gen Core HX Processors

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For disclosures on the configurations used in the above tests you can visit Intel’s Performance Index site (linked here).

Despite of obvious architectural advancements from 11th Gen to 12th Gen, I think it’s certainly worth noting that a processor that can draw up to 157 watts, however briefly, will have a distinct advantage over one which cannot. And yes, I know that 11th Gen mobile parts could consume far more than their rated power for a short duration, but even the Core i9-11980HK in the Beast Canyon NUC is limited (by default) to 108 watts for a few seconds.

I am very curious to check out one of these new workstation systems, and see what sort of thermal and power-related decisions end up being made when integrating this new high-performance Intel HX platform.

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