Finally, A Software Pants Filter

Finally, A Software Pants Filter

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Who Needs The Hardware When You Can Have Pants As A Service?

You can now ensure to never be caught with your pants down during a conference call thanks to [Everything Is Hacked]’s pants filter.  With it installed you can blur out everything below the belt, or you can even add clothing to your lower half so you will no longer need to dig out a clean pair of pants for a video call.

These fancy pants can be modified as well, to match your top or even make them a bit larger to try to hide that extra weight you might have picked up thanks to working from home.  There doesn’t seem to be options yet to add a skirt or dress, but if you can draw pants then it shouldn’t be too hard to modify it.

The designer of these software pants bares it all over at Hack A Day if you want to try them on.  Just remember that these will not help when you go to the door to pick up a delivery.

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