Raspberry Pi Pico Powers 3D Printed Cyber Glasses

Raspberry Pi Pico Powers 3D Printed Cyber Glasses

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There’s only one way to get ready for the potential cyberpunk future that awaits us, and it’s clearly with this Raspberry Pi project from robotics developer and microelectronics expert Kevin McAleer. With a fancy neopixel ring and Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller, these 3D-printed cyber glasses talk the talk and walk the walk with cyberpunk style.

If the name Kevin McAleer sounds familiar, it should. We recently covered his Raspberry Pi robot bunny project, which hops and locomotes with the help of a few servos. We also had the honor of hosting him as a featured guest on our Raspberry Pi-themed podcast—The Pi Cast. He also hosts his own website, SMARS Fan, with tutorials and resources for new makers looking to get started in the world of robotics and microelectronics.

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