Divert youths towards sports to prevent drugs abuse

Bethene College beat Nanam Khampti 2-1 in the opening match of the Rehabilitation Running Football Tournament, which began at Manmow playground on September 25.
Parliamentary Secretary Chow Zingnu Namchoom, who kicked off the tournament amidst a huge gathering of soccer lovers, emphasized on the need to organize such tournaments to divert youths towards sports to prevent drugs menace.

Namchoom hoped engaging the youths in sports activities would keep them away from drugs and other un-productive activities. Explaining the importance of games and sports, he encouraged the youths to take part in such sports activities.

Later, Namchoom was introduced to the players of both the teams before he declared the tournament open.
The winning team will get Rs 30,000 while the runners up will be given Rs15,000. There are individual prizes for ‘best player’, ‘best goalkeeper’ and disciplined team.

In total, 16 teams are participating in the tournament. ZPC C.K Mounglang, ZPM Chow Mahajini Choupoo, DDSE Namsai Talom Pabin, PRIs members, public leaders and football lovers attended the inaugural function and witnessed the opening match.

The tournament is organized by the youths of five villages, namely Manmow, Sengsap, Manna, Kungyao &Nanam- Khampti youths in collaboration with ALL Namsai Areas Youths Association (ANAYA) under the aegis of Parliamentary Secretary Namchoom.

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