Drug use among juveniles

The police reports were made public Monday, releasing the details of the drug deal gone terribly wrong, which lead to the death of Great Falls High student Megan Meriwether.

“There is evidence in the affidavit that makes it clear she was involved in the scuffle that led to Megan’s death.” said Cascade County Attorney, John Parker.

Meriwether, along with the two other teens that are being charged in connection with her death were just that… teens, who attended Great Falls High and as these details surface, KFBB received many questions on what the drug problem is like in Great Falls schools.

“Property crimes have dropped, crimes against person have dropped, drug crimes haven’t risen but they haven’t dropped, so they’re problematic.” said Tim Callahan, the Chief Juvenile Probation Officer.

The 2015-2016 School Resource Officers Report breaks down the drug incidents they have seen in the schools.

For Great Falls High last year there were a total of 8 misdemeanor drug citations issued. And for the district about 26 total drug related citations issued. These numbers may seem low, but schools and juvenile court are continuously working hard to help these teens get clean.

“I think always the more support the juvenile has the more consistency the more stability, with the adults on the same page that helps too.”

Callahan says they have seen some successes with juvenile drug court, but its not the same success that we normally see with adults.

“They just don’t have as much to lose and they are not as aware of what they are doing to themselves.”

It seems that what Callahan is saying about juveniles not understanding the severity of these drug cases is what happened with Megan Meriwether.
Back in June she was charged with misdemeanor possession of dangerous drugs and drug paraphernalia. Just four months later she lost her life for selling that same drug.

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