In NFL’s war on drugs, Vicodin beats pot, and Trent Williams is ‘a loser’

After a recent procedure to repair his battered left hand, Redskins safety Will Blackmon was given a choice: Percocet or Vicodin. He chose Percocet, because that was the prescription painkiller he used after his ACL surgery. He doesn’t like the way such opioids make him feel, and he’s hoping not to take it, but he figured he should fill the prescription just in case.

Teammate Josh Norman took a prescription painkiller after his own recent hand injury. And “even when we get shot up in a game; what do you think that is?” Norman asked.

Blackmon and Norman, of course, remain brave NFL warriors, nobly fighting through the horrors of pro football with the potential assistance of prescription pain narcotics. Their teammate Trent Williams, who appears to have been self-medicating with marijuana? He’s now a coward.

“I think that the right thing to do for Trent Williams is to take that ‘C’ off his jersey, because he doesn’t deserve it,” former quarterback Joe Theismann said this week.

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