Savannah Age Management Medicine Introduces New ED Treatment

Pooler, Georgia based integrative wellness practice, Savannah Age Management Medicine is proud to announce they have become the exclusive area provider of the GAINSWave™, a drug-free, noninvasive medical procedure for Erectile Dysfunction!

The GAINSWave™ uses high-frequency acoustical waves to improve any man’s sexual performance. As a man ages, the blood vessels that supply the blood needed for good erectile function, begin to collapse or become clogged. Basically, the pulsating waves improve blood flow by opening existing blood vessels and stimulating the growth of new blood vessels. Increased blood flow results in improved sexual performance. Along with repairing age-worn blood vessels, it stimulates the creation of new blood vessels and the rejuvenation of erectile tissue.

80% of men with ED receiving this protocol saw a reversal of their condition, and 86% of all men receiving the treatment report positive results and improved sexual performance! “The GAINSWave™ is ideal for men who cannot take Viagra, or who have tried oral ED drugs and have been disappointed with the results,” says Doctor Harry Collins, Savannah’s Medical Director. “It has proven to be a safe and effective alternative to Viagra and other oral ED medications. In fact, it has been shown to be TWICE as effective as Viagra and similar ED drugs, with none of the harmful side effects.”

Dr. Collins went on to say that the treatment is particularly effective when it is used in conjunction with other alternative male enhancement procedures such as the P-shot. “These two procedures are what we call ‘synergistic,’ meaning that each one enhances the effect of the other. When we combine the two therapies together, we deliver a “one-two punch,” that results in even better results!”

While very new in the US, technology similar to the GAINSWave™ has been used successfully in Europe for years. Savannah Age Management Medicine is now treating men with the GainsWAVE™ in their offices at 1000 Towne Center Blvd, Suite 506. For more information visit:

Savannah Age Management Medicine is dedicated to helping their patient’s live longer, healthier, more vital lives, through evidence-based anti-aging medical procedures such as hormone optimization, platelet rich plasma therapies, and emerging protocols such as acoustical wave therapy.

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