Sex, Drugs and TNA

That’s right, I sprawl the internet and get all the rumours and hear-say in wrestling so you don’t have to. TNA is still struggling, but that’s far from the only thing going on right now.
Let’s start off, as per usual, in WWE. This is story that really, really bothered me. Twitter user @drinkbleachT screenshotted and publicised a private DM conversation on twitter between themselves and Mick Foley, in which the prior was pushing for a reason as to why Summer Rae has been on TV. Mick has always been one to communicate and listen to the fans, but expects, with good reason, a level of respect to be upheld. And since this extremely selfish user decided to publicise this, Mick Foley has ceased all twitter activity for one week, and will no longer be communicating with fans on public forums. Thanks for nothing, arsehole.

Okay so getting wackier and wackier, current (although suspended) WWE Superstar Paige has been up to all sorts again, and has proposed to Alberto el Patron (Del Rio but whatever). “That’s not weird, that’s brilliant, go 2016!” I hear you all screech at me via your comments, well, no. it’s not great. Not at all. It turns out that Alberto hasn’t actually finalised his divorce from his ex-partner yet. Which means, yup, He’s still married. Uh-oh.

Finally, it seems like WWE could be finally about to do the impossible. That’s right, they’re apparently seriously considering tuning John Cena heel. I’m getting too excited just typing this. This, is my sasquatch. What with the ratings struggling with the new football season and the ongoing clusterf**k that is the US Presidential election, the WWE feel that now it would have a huge return for them. With Cena growing ever-closer to being a part-time superstar, he could finally help a new wave of superstars get over instead of smacking them all in the face with his big metaphoric shovel.

Now over to the even madder Independent scene…

NJPW star Matt Sydal has been a very naughty boy. He’s in serious trouble after attempting to smuggle 2.12 grams of liquid marijuana in Japan, getting busted at Kansai Airport in Osaka Bay. Japan has extremely tough laws surrounding drugs, so this could all but spell the end of his career in Japan.

The wolves are at the proverbial door for TNA, as it is reported that they owe a number of companies some serious money, which is reported to be amassed at an eye-watering $3.4 million dollars. And that monumental sum doesn’t include the undisclosed amount that Billy Corgan is suing Dixie Carter for. It’s almost over TNA, stop resisting. Time’s up.

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