Sidon sports day discourages youth from drugs

A number of sporting and leisure activities were held in the southern coastal city of Sidon on Sunday during a festival that aimed to distance the youth from drug use.

“We Swim Without Addiction to Safety” was the slogan given this year to the third annual swimming festival, which saw several participants from across the country and from all age groups compete in races up to 800 meters, between the city’s coast and the nearby small island of Zira.

Swimmers from the Lebanese Army and police force also took part in the races.

The event was organized by the Civil Council for Drug Combat under the auspices of the Sidon municipality, in cooperation with the Zira Island and Sidon Beach Friends Association and the Social Affairs Ministry, and supported by the Yemen Group.

“The aim of today is for us to say that drugs kill society, while sports revive society. The swimming contest will hopefully continue [in the future],” Sidon Mayor Mohammad Saudi said.

Other activities also took place, such as kick-boxing and martial arts, which drew in many of the city’s locals.

Al-Moasat Association also handed out apples for free, in a move to support Lebanon’s apple farmers who have recently come to light because of the struggles they’re facing in trying to sell their produce.

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