The rationale behind therapeutic drug exemptions in tennis

Jon, with the issue of medical exemptions for banned drugs in the news due to the email hack, can you explain the rationale for allowing an athlete who receives a valid exemption to compete? Granted, the athlete has done nothing wrong, but even if a banned drug is being taken for a legitimate medical purpose, […]

Hackers Highlight Drug Exemptions

For the fourth time in the past week, the mysterious hacking Web site early on Monday released a cache of medical documents exposing the pharmaceutical habits of some of the biggest names in international sports.

And while the releases haven’t shown that any of the athletes improperly used performance-enhancing substances, the leaked documents have pulled […]

Sports Drug May Aid Cognition in Depression, Bipolar Disorder

A new European study has found that EPO (erythropoietin) — best known as a performance-enhancing drug in sport — may improve cognitive functioning in patients suffering from bipolar disorder ordepression.

Most people think of disorders such as bipolar disorder and depression as conditions which affect mood, but in reality they also affect cognitive function — how […]

Drug test for nationals?

The Sports Commission from Philippine may conduct random drug-testing among national athletes. PSC Chair William Ramirez said the agency would come up with guidelines to ensure that no rights are violated. “We have to be careful that due process is observed,” said Ramirez.

A sepak takraw athlete recently tested positive for prohibited drugs after the Philippine […]

Olympic Drugs Exemptions And National Anthem Protests

We want to spend a few more minutes on a story we mentioned earlier about the release of some private medical information about some prominent athletes. It’s believed to have been stolen by Russian hackers. The hacker revealed that some of the medicines that athletes have been taking with the approval of anti-doping officials in […]

Here’s how to stop the sporting drug cheats in their tracks

Hackers, allegedly from Russia, have been publishing confidential medical records of sportsmen and women –including Britain’s most decorated Olympian, Bradley Wiggins, and the American gymnast Simone Biles, who won four gold medals in Rio.

The records are from the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) and reveal that many athletes have been approved to take banned drugs […]

Russian Hackers Draw Attention to Drug-Use Exemptions for Athletes


After Major League Baseball added amphetamines to its list of banned substances in 2007, many players appeared to exploit a loophole. They applied for what is known as a therapeutic use exemption, a waiver to use a prohibited drug for a legitimate medical reason.

Before amphetamines were barred, 28 players had received exemptions to […]

When athletes can take drugs. What are Therapeutic Use Exemptions?

Therapeutic Use Exemptions, which hit the headlines Tuesday after the World Anti-Doping Agency was hacked by Russian group Fancy Bears, were revealed to be used by a number of top athletes.


Olympic champion gymnast Simone Biles and tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams were the target of the attack, as well as US basketball […]

Top US athletes deny cheating after hackers show usage of banned substances

Hacktivists have released files claiming that top US athletes received a green light from WADA to take banned substances. The US anti-doping agency, sports federations and athletes themselves have gone public to deny any wrongdoing. The allegations were published on the website of the hacktivist group Fancy Bear, which described the revelations as being “just the […]

Abby Wambach: I abused alcohol, prescription drugs for years

Abby Wambach says she abused alcohol and prescription drugs for years until her arrest for driving under the influence in April. “I was stubborn and I was in denial,” soccer’s most prolific international goal scorer told The Associated Press in a phone interview. “I didn’t want to face the truth.” In “Forward,” her memoir set […]

Drug addiction hurting W.Va. economy

West Virginia coal operators have suspended 935 miners for failing drug tests since 2013, including 59 who were in supervisory positions — an example of how the Mountain State’s substance abuse problem is intertwined with its economic struggles.

During a Friday West Virginia Business and Industry Council forum at Wheeling Jesuit University, leaders in politics […]

Schwab accepts sanction for anti-doping rule violation

Jeff Schwab, of Bullard, Texas, an athlete in the sport of cycling, has tested positive for a prohibited substance and accepted a two-year sanction for his anti-doping rule violation. Schwab was tested in-competition as a result of being among the top finishers in his event at the 2016 Tour of Corsicana Bike Race in Corsicana, […]

Embrace performance-enhancing drugs and technology in sport

The 2016 Paralympics, which began this week in Rio de Janeiro, is bringing together 4,500 athletes to compete in 23 sports from wheelchair fencing to swimming to hand biking. In the Paralympics, technology sometimes plays a powerful role. Consider South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius, whose custom-made blades attached to his knees allowed him to win […]

Minnesota fires wrestling coach after athletes drug scandal

Longtime Minnesota wrestling coach J Robinson was fired Wednesday, after the university said an investigation into an alleged drug ring within the program revealed he wasn’t forthcoming to school officials and made unauthorized promises of amnesty to his athletes. Robinson coached the Gophers for 30 years and led the team to three national championships, developing […]

Drugs in sport focus of updated substance misuse plan

Training to spot the effects of so-called legal highs will also be offered to health workers, police and others.

Targeted campaigns to warn young people via social media and older people through charities will be boosted.

Public Health Minister Rebecca Evans said advice had been taken on how best to spend £50m a year on […]

The day a parliamentarian decided to save a sports star

When sports portfolio committee chairperson Beauty Dlulane first heard that long jumper Luvo Manyonga was sitting at home doing nothing, she got into her car and drove to Mbekweni outside Paarl.

It was this drive that set the ball in motion for Manyonga’s recovery and his incredible comeback, which earned him a silver medal at […]

Sports Direct staff accused of widespread drug abuse

Sports Direct, which is under fire for its alleged poor treatment of staff, faced further pressure last night after claims of widespread drug abuse at its headquarters.

Staff have been caught taking cocaine, cannabis and amphetamines, according to a newspaper investigation. “Last week a bag was found behind boxes and it was crammed with needles, […]

Paralympic drug scandal: Cyclist Michael Gallagher BANNED from Rio Games after testing positive for EPO

Two time Paralympic gold medallist Michael Gallagher has been banned from the Rio Games after testing positive for drugs.

The 37-year-old cyclist returned a positive sample for EPO (erythropoietin) after being tested at a training camp in Italy in July.

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency said in a statement: ‘The test was coordinated by ASADA […]

Doping, Cheating, And Insta-Celebrity: The Story Behind The First Great Sports Action Photograph

I grew up in a home without a television. When my parents’ TV went on the fritz, the story goes, they didn’t bother to get it fixed. So my earliest visual sports memories came not from watching television, but from gawking at the photographs in oversized books like The Wonderful World of Sport. In the […]

NFL trio cleared of drugs link following television documentary claims

NFL players James Harrison, Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers have been cleared of any link to performance-enhancing drugs following claims made in a television documentary last year.

The NFL said it had found “no credible evidence” the players were provided with or used prohibited substances.

The allegations of doping were made by Al-Jazeera America in […]

Drug Athletes for Entertainment

Sports are a human construct, and so are drugs. Well, at least some of them. Athletes have been using Performance Enhancing Drugs since the term was invented to describe what they were doing. It occurs in every level of play (maybe not little league), every day of every week. Some get caught, some don’t, but […]

ASADA tipped off about Lachie Whitfield drugs case after inaction by GWS Giants

THE whistleblower in the Lachie Whitfield drugs case tipped off the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority after two months of inaction by Greater Western Sydney football boss Graeme “Gubby” Allan. ASADA confirmed it passed the woman’s allegations to the AFL, which announced on Tuesday it had completed a secret 13-month investigation.

Whitfield’s former girlfriend first made […]

Players may be risking health by popping pain pills

For all the talk of banned performance-enhancing drugs in sport, mundane over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain medications may be more of an issue on the tennis tour, according to numerous players.

Indeed, players competing at the U.S. Open which starts on Monday could be risking their long-term health by playing through pain to achieve their goals. In […]

Performance enhancing drugs a sports epidemic

Whenever I watch sports, I expect each player or team to perform at their healthiest and strongest abilities. What I don’t expect, however, is some of these players using a shortcut to enhance their abilities in the game.

While it has been fairly moderated in the past, the use of performance enhancing drugs has started […]

WA athletes in performance-enhancing drugs probe

Australia’s sports doping authorities are examining a number of WA athletes they believe may have been patients of Anish Singh, who is fighting allegations he prescribed performance-enhancing drugs to hundreds of patients.

Dr Singh and his practice at the now defunct Empire Clinic in Leederville have been the subject of a disciplinary hearing at the […]

Granada suspend recruit Angulo over failed drugs test

Granada have suspended the contract of new signing Jose Angulo after the former Independiente del Valle forward failed a drugs test following a Copa Libertadores match last season.

Spain’s Granada made the announcement on Thursday after receiving notification from CONMEBOL regarding the 21-year-old Ecuadorian, with the LaLiga outfit now awaiting the result of his B […]

Do China’s Olympic Drug Cheats Know They’re Doping?

Four years ago, just down the street from the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, Liu Chunhong was heaving discs of metal into the air, just as she had done from the time she was a little girl. By the time I met the Chinese weightlifter, she was already a legend, a double Olympic champion and […]