SPC Gear VIRO Infra – Low Cost, High Quality

SPC Gear VIRO Infra – Low Cost, High Quality

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Soon To Be Released And Worth Watching Out For

SPC Gear, often seen as SilentiumPC has announced a new low cost headset which TechPowerUp were able to get their ears on before the launch.  They are analogue and should retail for about $50 and resemble the Corsair HS gaming headset, albeit with a few less features.   The headset is rated for 16 Ω impedance, a sensitivity of 98 dB and a response range of 20–20,000 Hz, generated by the ubiquitous 50mm neodymium drivers found in just about every current headset.

While the construction lacks some of the finesse of the headset it resembles, there is nothing second rate about the actual audio performance of the headset nor it’s comfort.  The spatial positioning really impressed TPU as did the overall audio performance, making them wonder just how the price is so low.  However, the real surprise was the microphone which was one of the best headset mics they’ve encountered recently.   TPU does not just mean at this $50 price point either, they found the SPC Gear VIRO Infra’s microphone was of higher quality than those found on headsets costing three times as much.

You can’t buy it yet, but you can get the details here.

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