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What’s Weird West? – PC Perspective

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Your Choices Matter … Or Do They?

The number of games that promise your choices matter is much larger than the number of games which actually deliver on that promise, over and above a couple of different ending movies which might only differ in background colour.  The games which actually do reward roleplaying with actual differences during the game is minute; faction membership and their different fetch quests do not a new playthrough make.

In Weird West it seems that your choices will have at least some effect, even if it is only filling up the local graveyard.  It turns out that if you go on a wee rampage in a town, the next time you return the gravedigger will have plied their trade and buried the bodies in the local graveyard.  Hunting down bandits also has a bit of an effect as well, as you can expect the surviving gang members to form their own posse to exact revenge on you.

Overclockers Club offers a deep dive into the game, including details on the missions that compose the game so there are plenty of spoilers but it isn’t quite a walkthrough; keep that in mind if you click through.  The gameplay is real time, not turned based, which is rather unique to this type of RPG and is apparently rather well executed.  The game also features Divinity: Original Sin like environments, making it worth shooting the oil lamp above your enemies table instead of targeting them directly.  There are more than a few bugs which OCC encountered, as well as some repetition of maps and characters which don’t seem as unique as they could, so do check out some of the review before deciding one way or the other.

Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN noticed that the developer is hosting live events as well, currently there is a zombie invasion happening which you can help deal with, at least for a limited time.

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