The Unique Yuel Beast Motif Monument Mini-ITX Case

The Unique Yuel Beast Motif Monument Mini-ITX Case

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You’ll Either Love Or Hate This Great White Beast

The Yuel Beast Motif Monument is an open style mini-ITX case, great for temperatures but definitely neither kid nor pet friendly.  The case is 181.5 x 201.3 x 321.8mm (7.15 x 7.93 x 12.67″) and strictly fits mini-ITX motherboards.  The open design means that the size of the CPU cooler is not limited in any way, however the GPU shelf limits you to a two slot card; 2.5 could fit but will have severely restricted airflow.

Yuel decided to leave out any support for mounting drives, you will be limited to the NVMe drives mounted on the motherboard unless you plan to get inventive.  The same goes for watercooling, there are no mount points for a radiator on the Motif Monument.  You do get a handcrafted case made of a single piece of  3/16” steel which has been bent into shape.

The unique case will set you back $200 to pick up, and The FPS Review has the all the details here.

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