Intel's Workstation-Grade Arc Alchemist GPU Listed for Dell Workstation

Intel’s Workstation-Grade Arc Alchemist GPU Listed for Dell Workstation

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Dell’s website for customers in India listed the industry’s first mobile workstation featuring Intel’s discrete professional-grade GPU, the Arc Alchemist A370M Pro. The new Dell Precision 5470 machine is an entry-level workstation that is designed to provide stability, longevity, and decent support, but not breakthrough performance. It is the first machine to use a professional-grade discrete GPU from Intel. It was announced only with the Nvidia RTX A1000.

Specifications for Intel’s Arc Alchemist A370M Pro graphics processor are not exactly clear, though given its model number, we would assume that it comes with 128 execution units (equivalent to 1,024 stream processors), just like its Arc Alchemist A370M counterpart for consumers. But there are more important professional-grade GPU enhancements over consumer-oriented parts than performance or compute throughput.  

While workstation-grade and consumer-grade graphics processors use the same silicon, they are completely different products. First off, professional applications tend to use some of GPU resources not used by games and which are typically disabled on consumer parts (for instance, wireframe antialiasing). Secondly, workstation solutions are designed for maximum stability and longevity, so their clocks may be lower compared to consumer parts, yet cooling systems may be more robust. (Indeed, the Precision 5470 uses separate coolers for CPU and GPU, according to a render from the site.)

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But the main difference between consumer and professional GPUs are drivers tailored for professional programs and certifications from developers of these applications. Certifications from independent software vendors (ISVs) are meant to ensure that critical applications run reliably and optimally on a particular machine. Also, without appropriate certifications from ISVs, users are unable to apply for support from those ISVs and for professionals it is important to have ISV backing in certain situations (not that ISVs do not support consumer-grade GPUs, some of them do). 

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