Pop!_OS Upgrades to Ubuntu 22.04 With New Release

Pop!_OS Upgrades to Ubuntu 22.04 With New Release

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Hard on the heels of last week’s release of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS comes a new release for Pop!_OS, the Ubuntu-based distro from System 76 aimed at STEM and creative professionals.

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The distro is currently using Gnome 42 as its desktop, with System 76’s Cosmic UX. The Cosmic Desktop Environment remains in development, with an alpha expected this summer.
The new release brings all the improvements from Ubuntu 22.04, including kernel 5.16.19 (which will be regularly updated), and adds some more of its own, such as turning off automatic updates and streamlining them into a weekly notification to reduce distractions. There’s a new Support panel for troubleshooting, including access to documentation, community support chat, and log files. 

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