The Deepcool AK400, A Cool $30

The Deepcool AK400, A Cool $30

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No RGB’s, Just An Interesting Fin Design

High end coolers are great for experienced users that are looking to overclock, or at least keep a CPU running at a targeted temperature.  However, for a new computer builder fighting with RAM clearance, installing serious backplates or ensuring proper case ventilation when using an all in one watercooler can be a bit daunting, which is why there is still a market for simple, low cost coolers.

The Deepcool AK400 is one such cooler, and with an expected MSRP of $30 it also doesn’t add much to the entry price.  It is a slim 120×45×152 mm and a light 661g in weight with a single 120mm fan to install, with a second fan able to be mounted if you so desired.  The mounting kit is about as simple as you can get with no need to flip the motherboard over to install a backplate, and it is compatible with any current motherboard socket.  

As you might expect the light weight does limit the cooling potential of the Deepcool AK400 and the fan that was shipped with the heatsink is not the most quiet when under load, but it was able to handle just about everything Guru of 3D threw at it.  The exception was testing an overclocked Core i9 12900K at 35dBA, the Deepcool AK400 simply couldn’t handle the heat.  Then again, you don’t want to trust the life of an expensive processor to a $30 cooler.  An i3 or i5 would do very well, as did the Ryzen 7 3700X which they did test.

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