Adaptive-Sync Certification Could Kill FreeSync, G-Sync Branding

Adaptive-Sync Certification Could Kill FreeSync, G-Sync Branding

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When choosing among the best gaming monitors, it can be challenging to keep up with all the different features that add to performance. In addition to picking a display’s size and resolution, you must keep track of Adaptive-Sync compatibility (Nvidia G-Sync versus AMD FreeSync) and the supported refresh rates on a given monitor. Response times are also a critical spec that display OEMs can often fudge to seem superior to the competition. 

To help simplify the research/purchase process and provide more transparency for monitor buyers, the Video Electronics Standard Association (VESA) has developed Adaptive-Sync Display Compliance Test Specification (Adaptive-Sync Display CTS), which it claims is the first open standard and logo program for desktop and laptop monitors. The logo compliance boils down to two specific tiers: MediaSync Display and Adaptive-Sync Display.

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