Steam Deck Framerate Limiter Egregiously Raises Input Latency

Steam Deck Framerate Limiter Egregiously Raises Input Latency

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Far from being a beneficial function to balance performance and battery life, the framerate limiter inside the Steam Deck reportedly increases the input latency substantially. A Redditor accidentally stumbled upon the framerate limiter’s malfunction while testing the latency between his wireless PlayStation 5 controller and docked Steam Deck. Other Redditors have pitched in on the testing and confirmed the issue.

The amount of input latency scales linearly according to the frame rate and refresh rate cap. For reference, the uncapped input latency is 31.8ms. Enforcing a 30 FPS cap increased to 145.9ms, more than 4X higher. According to the Redditor’s results, the worse configuration was the 40 Hz, 20 FPS setting, causing the input latency to skyrocket to 232ms, over 7X more than the uncapped setting. The two settings with the minor input latency penalty are the 50 Hz or 40 Hz uncapped scenario, where the increase was less than 8%.

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