Best SSDs 2022: SATA, NVMe, and Add-in Cards

Best SSDs 2022: SATA, NVMe, and Add-in Cards

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Finding the best SSD or solid-state drive for your specific system and needs is key if you want the best gaming PC or laptop, or even if you just want a snappy productivity machine. A slow storage drive often leads to a big bottleneck, forcing your processor (even if it’s one of the best CPUs for Gaming) to waste clock cycles, waiting for data to crunch. To speed up your write and read speed, you need a speedy SSD. To figure out which is the best SSD, we test dozens of drives each year and highlight the best drives here.

Now that we’re past the great deals we saw for SSDs during the holiday season, we’re looking forward to the pending announcements at Computex 2022. We’ll also see the first signs of PCIe 5.0 SSDs this year, so keep your eyes peeled for the latest news. 

Picking the Best SSD for You

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