Intel Rumored to Launch Arc Alchemist Desktop Cards Around Computex

Intel Rumored to Launch Arc Alchemist Desktop Cards Around Computex

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Apparently, Intel intends to start selling its high-end Arc Alchemist graphics cards for desktops sometime in the third quarter, but it wants to formally introduce some members of the Alchemist family a bit earlier. At least, that’s the case if a new rumor from Taiwan is accurate. Intel has reportedly decided that broad media coverage of the Computex tradeshow is a promotional resource too good to pass up, which is why mid-range and performance mainstream Arc Alchemist GPUs will allegedly be revealed in late May or early June.

Attracting Attention

According to a report from WccfTech that cites its sources from Taiwan, Intel plans to introduce its Arc Alchemist A750, A580, and A380 discrete graphics cards for desktops in late May or early June. The Arc Alchemist A750 and A580 cards are projected to become available around the time of their formal launch. By contrast, Intel’s entry-level A380 could be announced at a later date and hit the market in July, if the information proves accurate. Meanwhile, the flagship Arc Alchemist A780 graphics board will be available even later, so expect it sometime in the third quarter, which ends on September 31.

Launching new Arc Alchemist graphics processors and cards at or around the Computex timeframe means that they will get very broad media coverage. Makers of add-in-boards (AIBs) will showcase them at their booths, will talk about their competitive advantages, and demonstrate various Intel-approved demos and/or performance numbers. All of these will inevitably draw the attention of the crowd to the new graphics boards with a blue badge on them.

Attracting attention for performance mainstream, mid-range, and entry-level boards is important for Intel due to the late arrival of its flagship Arc Alchemist A780 GPU. However, without a halo effect created by a top-of-the-range GPU, it is vital to properly position cheaper offerings and show them in a good light compared to their direct rivals.

Priced Between $150 and $350

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