Intel Misses Self-Imposed Arc GPU Driver Update Deadline

Intel Misses Self-Imposed Arc GPU Driver Update Deadline

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Intel’s self-imposed deadline to deliver an Arc GPU driver update has come and gone. VideoCardz noticed the timing error by Intel, but its headline suggesting that Intel “forgot” about the update seems somewhat fanciful. Instead, it might be more realistic to assume Intel’s GPU software update isn’t ready for some technical reason.

VP and GM at Intel Visual Compute Group, Lisa Pearce, previously wrote in a community blog post that “By the end of April, we will add a UI option that allows users to toggle these benchmark specific optimizations on and off.” This would be a change of importance to some, as the newest currently available Arc driver version (dated April 8, 2022) features optimizations for benchmarking enabled, which can provide up to 15% better scores in tests like 3DMark.

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Intel subsequently apologized for the limited rollout and said that Samsung laptops with Intel Arc would start to roll out in due course. Moreover, it added, “Additional OEMs in other regions will have systems in the coming weeks.” Hopefully, Intel and its partners won’t wait until the end of this quarter (June 30) for us to see products readily available online and on shelves.

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