Factory Riots in China Spur 60-Day MacBook Pro Delays

Factory Riots in China Spur 60-Day MacBook Pro Delays

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Quanta Computer is thought to be the sole manufacturer of MacBook Pro 14 and 16 laptops for Apple. With these machines primarily coming out of this solitary ODM’s Shanghai facilities, supplies have been hit very hard by China’s lockdowns and related efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19. According to Taiwan’s United News Network, Quanta’s pandemic-affected production lines have led to delays of up to two months from customer order to delivery of the laptops mentioned.

We reported on laptop supplies being battered by China’s latest implementation of anti-pandemic measures about a month ago. That report made specific mention of Shanghai-based contract laptop manufacturers being affected. In a follow-up report a fortnight ago, we noted that Quanta Computer had been experiencing assembly line disruptions since the city lockdown began on March 28.

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