Khadas VIM4 Board Easily Beats Raspberry Pi 4 in Sysbench Test

Khadas VIM4 Board Easily Beats Raspberry Pi 4 in Sysbench Test

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We covered the Khadas VIM4 when it was announced, basking in the glory of its eight-core Arm processor and 8GB of RAM, and calling it a Raspberry Pi competitor. The board is now available to buy, with video reviews starting to appear, and we’d like to make it clear now that it does not exactly compete with the Raspberry Pi 4. It comfortably cruises past it. 

ETA Prime has a first-look video up, touching on console emulation but more interestingly running the Sysbench scriptable multi-threaded benchmark tool. The test took 10 seconds to run, with ETA Prime noting that the best score achieved with an overclocked Raspberry Pi was 36 seconds. The average run time displayed on the Sysbench website is 41 seconds at the time of writing.

A particular area where the Khadas board shines is in Vulkan performance. A video by British YouTuber leepspvideo takes the board through its paces, using PSP emulator PPSSPP to squeeze 60FPS out of God of War: Ghost of Sparta at 2x resolution. OpenGL performance, by contrast, was unplayable. The same is true of all-time favorite OutRun 2: Coast to Coast.

There’s more to the board than the emulation of obscure handheld consoles, however. After taking it through a suite of console emulators, Leepspvideo reports snappy performance from the VIM4 in both Ubuntu and Android, showing HD video streaming from YouTube at 30fps without dropping frames. It’s worth noting that emulation and app choice are limited at the moment due to the 32-bit version of Linux that’s being installed. Once a 64-bit version is available, the full capabilities of the board, including the 8GB of RAM, will be able to be exploited. 

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