Star Citizen Drops Support for Windows 7 and Older GPUs

Star Citizen Drops Support for Windows 7 and Older GPUs

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Star Citizen developers CIG (Cloud Imperium Games) have officially killed off support for Windows 7 and GPUs older than Nvidia’s GTX 700 via its release of Alpha 3.17 which now requires DirectX 11.1 to operate. The API change was necessary as the massive game studio continues to transition Star Citizen to its new Gen12 rendering engine and eventually to the Vulkan API.

Star Citizen has been in development for a very long time — in fact, the 700 series just launched when CIG first introduced a playable part of the game known as the Hangar Module back in 2013. Since that time, the scope of the Star Citizen project has increased massively, and as a result, changes made to its engine have been extensive. To the point where CIG’s Star Citizen community began calling it the “Star Engine,” due to how the sheer amount of features that have been added to the engine.

The New Gen12 Renderer & Why Windows 7 Support Stops With Alpha 3.17

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