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AMD Radeon Preview Driver Delivers Major Performance Boost in Early Testing

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AMD’s announcement of its AMD Software Preview Driver for May 2022 carried with it substantial performance claims for games built on the now-superseded DX 11 API. AMD’s claims of a 10% average performance increase across a suite of games deserve testing, especially considering the more substantial performance increases, which the company said could reach a 28% uplift in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and a 30% increase in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. And according to OC3D, who tested the preview driver in a suite of games, AMD’s claims are not only accurate: they’re like voodoo magic for the “fine wine” narrative.

OC3D’s results for the RX 6800 they tested with paint an excellent picture for AMD’s May preview driver, starting with one of the most optimized-for applications out there: 3D Mark’s Fire Strike benchmark. The improvements aren’t extraordinary, but benchmarks are examples of GPU-bound workloads that are exhaustively optimized for by manufacturers (since they’re frequently used as marketing instruments when comparing against other providers). Even still, AMD’s driver team managed to improve scores across the board, unlocking a couple hundred points across all performance modes (Ultra, Extreme, and standard), even if mostly by an under 2% improvement. An extra year for AMD’s fine wine.

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