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Mountain Everest 60 Review: The Precipice of Perfection

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The gaming keyboard market is saturated with full-size and tenkeyless (TKL) boards, but 60 percent boards, the smallest standard keyboard size, have traditionally been less popular in the gaming space. That’s because the 60 percent layout usually sacrifices arrow keys as well as the numpad for size. Not the Mountain Everest 60, however — this 60 percent mechanical gaming keyboard has both arrow keys and the option to add a detachable numpad, making it perfect for gamers who want to save space but still have the option of extra keys. It’s also quite customizable.

The Mountain Everest 60 comes with three different switch options and 11 different keycap color combos. Our review unit came with Mountain Linear 45 switches, black keycaps, and included a numpad. The keyboard alone starts at $140 and the keyboard and numpad set starts at $190.

Mountain Everest 60 Specifications

Switches Mountain Linear 45
Lighting Per-key
Onboard Storage 5 Profiles
Media Keys Yes, with FN
Connectivity USB Type-C to Type-A
Cable 6-feet, braided
Additional Ports 3x USB Type-C
Keycaps Double-shot PBT
Software Mountain Base Camp
Dimensions (LxWxH) 307.2 x 115 x 46.44
Weight  1.7 pounds


(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

Unlike other 60 percent mechanical keyboards I’ve used, the Mountain Everest 60 features arrow keys and the option to connect a numpad. Adding arrow keys to the Everest 60 is a bold move by Mountain — it’s not easy to pull off without sacrificing usability. I love smaller keyboards, but the main reason I stepped up to a 65 percent keyboard from a 60 percent layout was because I wanted arrow keys. 

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