Seagate's Osprey STL022 HDD Validated: 22TB For The Masses

Seagate’s Osprey STL022 HDD Validated: 22TB For The Masses

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Seagate has been shipping its 22TB hard drives featuring its hybrid shingled magnetic recording (HSMR) to select customers among operators of hyperscale cloud datacenters for a couple of quarters now. But it looks like the company is prepping 22TB HDDs for a broader market. 

Seagate’s Osprey (STL022) hard drive is currently on SATA-IO’s integrators list, meaning that the HDD has successfully passed SATA interoperability testing. Additionally, the Osprey HDD carries STxxxxxNM0092-3CX103 part number, which confirms that this is a nearline (NM) drive but does not disclose the actual capacity of the unit (which is not particularly surprising as Seagate’s HDD platforms offer multiple capacity points). Meanwhile, Seagate’s Exos X20 20TB codenamed LongsPeak carried STL020 code (also mentioned in the integrators list), which probably implies capacity. 

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