AMD Turns 30; 30% Market Share That Is

AMD Turns 30; 30% Market Share That Is

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Servers And Laptops Offer A Silver Lining For This Cloudy Present

In a world plagued by high demand and low supply, AMD has managed to do something it never did before. Yes, as far as the x86 business overall goes, AMD’s market share just hit 27.7%.  This is wonderful for AMD and for continued competition in the market, but it also comes at a bleak time.  Overall the desktop market has shrunk by ~30%, the largest contraction on record and a change from the growth both Intel and AMD had been seeing until now.

When you break it down, server sales increased by 2.7% this quarter, which adds up to an 11.6% increase from this quarter in 2021.  Laptops did significantly better, in part thanks to OEMs now offering Ryzen based options, seeing a quarterly increase of 4.4% which gives them a 22.5% jump since this time last year.  As mentioned before, the sales of desktop processors has plummeted but even there AMD hasn’t fared too poorly as they only lost 1% which reduces AMD’s market share for desktops to 18.3%.

On the other hand it seems that VIA’s market share has dropped so close to zero as to be indistinguishable from nothing according to the numbers at The Register.

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