Thermaltake's $1300 Gaming Chair: Not Just for Gamers

Thermaltake’s $1300 Gaming Chair: Not Just for Gamers

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Thermaltake’s premium gaming chair — designed in collaboration with Studio F.A. Porsche — is not just for gamers, according to their new marketing materials. Alongside a series of colorful, artistic shots featuring the Thermaltake Argent E700, the company announced its commitment to discovering and supporting rising stars in the fields of art, music, and sport, with the tagline “bearing witness to a new dawn.”  It’s an interesting marketing direction for a gaming chair, but the Argent E700 doesn’t look like most gaming chairs

To highlight the appeal of the Argent E700 — from both a design standpoint and a creator standpoint — Thermaltake has decided to co-opt the talents of a moody contemporary artist, a multidisciplinary indigenous folk musician, and a basketball player. These disparate stars represent the “master craftsmanship, cross-disciplinary creation, and stable spiritual power,” of Thermaltake’s products, according to the company.

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Back in the gaming world, we can side-step this marketing hype and look at the product page for the Argent E700. The Thermaltake Argent E700 is a premium-priced gaming chair made of leather, aluminum, and metal, featuring a glossy finish in six colors. The chair has “race car side handles” and an adjustable seat back that can be locked at four different angles. 

Name Argent E700
Type Ergonomic Real (Black) Leather
Foam High Density Molded Foam, 143.3lbs/ft³
Frame Aluminum and Metal
Support Gas Lift Class 4
Castors 3-inch PU
Adjustments Chair back angle 107° / 113° / 119° / 126°, Headrest height adjust, 4D Armrests with
Human size/weight Between 5’6″ – 6’2″ (170cm – 190cm) and up to 331Ibs (150kg)

The Argent E700 is a bucket seat-style chair clad in perforated black leather with red contrast stitching, while the rear shell comes in glacier white, space gray, storm black, ocean blue, racing green, saddle brown, sanga yellow, flaming orange, and turquoise. That’s definitely a wide range of options — from subtle and professional to “making sure nobody misses your Studio F.A. Porsche-designed chair.”

(Image credit: Thermaltake)

We have yet to get the Thermaltake Argent E700 in for testing, but we took Thermaltake’s X Fit gaming chair for a spin last September. Our reviewer loved the X Fit’s craftsmanship and adjustability, but not its overly hard and narrow seat. We don’t have specs for the Argent E700’s seat size, but the “high density” foam seems like it may be the same in both models. The Thermaltake Argent E700 is available now and is listed at various retailers for $1299.

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