Bohemia Interactive Releases Arma Reforger, With Their New Enfusion Engine

Bohemia Interactive Releases Arma Reforger, With Their New Enfusion Engine

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Say Goodbye To The Operation Flashpoint Real Virtuality Engine

Bohemia Interactive have been tweaking their Real Virtuality engine since 2001 and if you have seen ARMA 3 you realize just how well they’ve managed to refine one of the more visually impressive game engines in existence.  The age has led to some hardware compatibility issues over the years, with certain releases not getting along with certain GPUs and providing abysmal performance.  The interface has also aged poorly, as more and more features and actions have been added the game’s GUI has become insanely complicated and off-putting to many gamers.

The new Enfusion engine has been designed from the ground up to not just be visually gorgeous but to simplify the arcane interface and to vastly increase modding support.  This release is for both PC and consoles, as the engine was purposefully designed to support cross platform play.  You and your friends will be able to fight out a battle between two armies over 164 square kilometres of map with capture points or by using a real time scenario editor with a Zeus Game Master that can control what is happening in the scenario.

Arma Reforger is somewhere between a beta test and a pre-release, but it is definitely not ARMA 4.  Bohemia Interactive wants to use this to test and refine the engine and modding tools, while giving you a chance to offer feedback and get used to the new interface, which includes contextual controls and a much simplified command wheel.

It is up to you if you feel $30US is worth it or if you want to wait for ARMA 4 to drop.

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