Russian Company Taps China's Zhaoxin x86 CPU to Replace AMD, Intel CPUs

Russian Company Taps China’s Zhaoxin x86 CPU to Replace AMD, Intel CPUs

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Now that AMD and Intel do not officially sell their processors in Russia, the country has to find replacements to not find itself in the stone age one day. This week Dannie, a motherboard maker with offices in Russia, China, Lithuania, and Turkey, introduced its new motherboard based on Zhaoxin’s system-on-chip. While this chip can barely compete against modern CPUs from AMD and Intel, it is compatible with the vast majority of apps and OSes, so it can indeed replace these processors.

Dannie’s MBX-Z60A micro-ATX motherboard features Zhaoxin’s eight-core KaiXian KX-6640MA system-on-chip featuring the LuJiaZui microarchitecture, a 4MB of L2 cache, and a frequency of 2.10 GHz – 2.70 GHz. In addition, the SoC features a built-in graphics processor, 16 PCIe 3.0 lanes, a built-on SATA controller, an integrated USB 3.0 controller, and other essential I/O technologies. Since the chip caters to desktops and laptops, its maximum thermal design power does not exceed 25W.

As for specifications of the MBX-Z60A motherboard, it carries two memory slots for DDR4 memory and has two PCIe x16 slots for add-in-boards, one M.2-2280 slot for SSDs, an M.2-2230 slot for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth adapters, and three SATA ports, reports Habr. External I/O connections are concerned; the platform has USB ports, display outputs (a DisplayPort, an HDMI, and a VGA/D-Sub), a GbE connector, 3.5-mm audio input/output, and even PS/2 ports.

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From a performance point of view, the KaiXian KX-6640MA is slower than the KaiXian KX-U6780A processor that sits higher in the product stack and which we tested a couple of years ago. Still, the lower-end one is probably cheaper too, which is essential for many clients, particularly those who only run office applications and do not need serious performance anyway.

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