AMD Patents Automatic Memory Overclocking Tool

AMD Patents Automatic Memory Overclocking Tool

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AMD has filed a patent for a program that performs automatic memory overclocking to simplify enthusiasts’ lives. The app can automatically test overclocked memory modules for stability and locally store memory overclocking profiles unique to a particular system.  

Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) overclocking has existed for decades. At first, companies like Corsair cherry-picked memory ICs that could safely work at high frequencies and/or with low latencies. It then built modules that were guaranteed to work at specific frequencies, timings and voltages but required those settings to be entered manually into BIOS. To simplify things, Intel introduced its eXtreme Memory Profiles (XMP) — settings stored in a module’s serial presence detect (SPD) chip and can be activated on supporting platforms — in 2007, and virtually all enthusiast-grade memory currently comes with XMP profiles.  

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