Gigabyte UD1000GM PG5 Review: The First PCIe Gen 5 Compatible PSU

Gigabyte UD1000GM PG5 Review: The First PCIe Gen 5 Compatible PSU

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The Gigabyte GP-UD1000GM PG5 survived our demanding tests and achieved decent but not competitive overall performance. Its main advantage is the 12+4 pin PCIe connector, but very soon, all brands will update their PSUs with such connectors. Regarding ATX v3.0 compatibility, we found out that the GP-UD1000GM PG5 has trouble keeping up with this spec since it couldn’t pass all corresponding transient response tests. This means that we won’t include it in our best PSUs article. Other 1000W PSUs with higher performance, lacking the 12+4 pin PCIe connector, for the moment at least, are the MSI MPG A1000G, the EVGA 1000 G6, and the Corsair RM1000x (2021).

Gigabyte is not so popular in the PSU market because of the problems that the P750GM and P850GM units had. You can follow this story here. The newer generation members of the P-GM line had solved all issues, thanks to a PCB redesign. Still, there was no way to distinguish the older models from the new, revised ones. Given the infamy of the P-GM line, Gigabyte decided to introduce the UD series, which uses the new revision platforms found in the P-GM models but with different model numbers. So the UD line consists of three members with 750W, 850W, and 1000W capacities, and recently Gigabyte introduced the UD1000GM PG5, the first PSU available on the market boasting compatibility with the newest ATX v3.0 spec. 

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