AMD Live Blog Keynote (2am ET/06:00 UTC)

AMD Live Blog Keynote (2am ET/06:00 UTC)

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01:58AM EDT – It’s Computex time once again!

01:58AM EDT – Welcome to another AnandTech live blog, and the first of this year’s Computex trade show

01:59AM EDT – Kicking things off once again is AMD, who is broadcasting a keynote address headed up by the one and only Dr. Lisa Su

01:59AM EDT – According to AMD, the PC-focused keynote will cover both mobile and desktop, with AMD and its partners focusing on cutting edge hardware and “breakthrough performance”

01:59AM EDT – AMD’s Computex keynotes rarely disappoint, and we don’t expect this one too, either

02:00AM EDT – Like last year’s keynote, this year’s is a pre-recorded presentation from AMD. Though the physical Computex tradeshow is taking place, the lengthy, week-long quarantine requirement makes attending the show very difficult for foreigners

02:01AM EDT – And here we go

02:02AM EDT – Before AMD’s presentation starts, Taitra, Computex’s organizing organization, is introducing AMD and Dr. Su

02:03AM EDT – We should expect to see news on cutting-edge products from AMD for both mobile and desktop

02:03AM EDT – And here’s Lisa

02:04AM EDT – Computex 2022 is a big show for AMD. Both for announcing new products, and for demonstrating/strengthing its relationships with its major partners, many of whom are in Taiwan

02:04AM EDT – Not the least of which, of course, is TSMC. As well as motherboard and laptop makers

02:05AM EDT – Lisa is quickly recapping AMD’s past several months, including closing the Xilinx acquisition

02:05AM EDT – “AMD is everywhere”

02:05AM EDT – But today is all about the next-generation of PC products for gamers, content creators, and enthusiasts

02:05AM EDT – “At AMD we’re all about building the best”

02:06AM EDT – New details to come on AMD’s next-generation Ryzen desktop processors

02:06AM EDT – But first: laptops

02:06AM EDT – AMD launched the Ryzen 6000 Mobile family at the start of this year. New laptops are still coming out

02:07AM EDT

02:07AM EDT – “Our Ryzen 6000 portfolio is just beginning”

02:08AM EDT – Now recapping AMD’s 6000U series processors (and how they surpass Intel’s 12000P series) in ultrabooks

02:08AM EDT – Showing off a few such notebooks, including the ZenBook S13 and Yoga Slim Pro X

02:09AM EDT – And Ryzen is also going into commercial/business laptops

02:09AM EDT – “The average system today is over 4 years old”

02:09AM EDT – New Ryzen 6000 Pro laptops are on the way

02:09AM EDT – Over 60 new Ryzen notebooks expected to launch this year

02:10AM EDT – AMD believes they’ve also taken the crown for commercial battery life, based on HP’s Elitebook running MobileMark

02:11AM EDT – Meanwhile there’s also the matter of the mainstream laptop market

02:11AM EDT – New APU: Mendocino

02:11AM EDT – Launching Q4. For Windows and ChromeOS laptops in the $399 to $699 market segment

02:11AM EDT – Based on Ryzen 6000 Mobile tech with a twist

02:11AM EDT – TSMC 6nm, 4 Zen 2 cores, and an RDNA2 iGPU

02:12AM EDT – Mendocino essentially replaces AMD’s Picasso APUs, which are still being used for lower-budget laptops

02:12AM EDT – Now on to gaming laptops with Frank Azor

02:13AM EDT – Recapping the AMD Advantage design framework and co-development program

02:13AM EDT – One of AMD’s advantages? Their Smart family of technologies, like Smart Access Memory

02:14AM EDT – Announcing a new Smart technology: Smart Access Storage

02:14AM EDT – This sounds like AMD’s implementation of Microsoft’s DirectStorage standard

02:14AM EDT – Using SAM, AMD platform technologies, and GPU asset decompression

02:14AM EDT – More details coming in the following months

02:15AM EDT – Now talking about a few AMD Advantage laptops announced or launched in recent months

02:16AM EDT – Lenovo’s latest Legion 7, besides being AMD Advantaged, also offers force-sensitive WASD keys

02:17AM EDT – And HP’s Omen 16 is the first laptop with AMD’s Smart Shift Eco

02:17AM EDT – And Corsair is launching an AA laptop focused on game streaming and broadcasting

02:17AM EDT – 16-inch 240Hz WQHD+ display

02:18AM EDT – Corsair Voyager

02:18AM EDT – Available this summer

02:18AM EDT – And that’s it for Frank. Passing it back to Lisa

02:18AM EDT – “Let’s close with a preview of what comes next for desktop PCs”

02:19AM EDT – Recapping AMD’s very long lived AM4 platform

02:19AM EDT – Almost 5 years, 170 million processors

02:19AM EDT – And AM4 is still going strong with the Ryzen 7 5800X3D

02:19AM EDT – (AT review coming soon!)

02:20AM EDT – “It is the world’s fastest gaming CPU”

02:20AM EDT – But AM4 is entering its twilight years. It’s time for a new platform, and a new CPU architecture

02:20AM EDT – Ryzen 7000 desktop CPUs!

02:21AM EDT – Socket AM5. Built on TSMC’s 5nm process

02:21AM EDT – Zen 4 CPU cores

02:21AM EDT – 1MB of L2 cache per core, 2x that on Zen 3/Zen 2

02:21AM EDT – Clockspeeds “run significantly” above 5GHz

02:21AM EDT – >15% greater single threaded performance versus the previous generation

02:22AM EDT – 2 core chiplets (CCDs) built on TSMC 5nm

02:22AM EDT – And a new 6nm-built I/O Die

02:22AM EDT – The IOD adds integrated graphics for the first time. RDNA2 architecture

02:22AM EDT – And a bunch of power optimizations for the IOS as well

02:22AM EDT – Now for more on the AM5 platform

02:23AM EDT – “We wanted to create a platform designed for flexibility”

02:23AM EDT – Modern I/O and interfaces

02:23AM EDT – New socket: LGA1718

02:23AM EDT – Allows more power and greater signal integrity

02:23AM EDT – TDPs up to 170 Watts

02:24AM EDT – Dual channel DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 support

02:24AM EDT – And it’s compatible with AM4 coolers (which given the change from ZIF to LGA, is actually a bit surprising)

02:24AM EDT – Up to 24 PCIe 5.0 lanes coming from the CPU

02:25AM EDT – And up to 14 USB SuperSpeed 20Gbps ports

02:25AM EDT – Wi-Fi 6E support

02:25AM EDT – Up to 4 display outputs coming from the CPU. HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 2.0 support

02:26AM EDT – All new SVI3 power infrastrucuture. Support for additional power phases, fine-grained power control, and significantly faster voltage response capaibilities

02:26AM EDT – 3 chipsets/levels of motherboards

02:26AM EDT – X670E(xtreme): PCIe 5 for graphics and storage, maximum overclocking capabilities

02:26AM EDT – X670: PCIe 5 for storage, PCIe 5 for graphics on some boards (but not required)

02:27AM EDT – B650: PCIe 5 for storage, PCIe 4 for graphics. Best balance for price and features

02:27AM EDT – AMD has partnered with Phison for the developmnet of their first PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSD host controller

02:28AM EDT – They’re seeing a 60% increase in sequential read speeds versus PCIe 4.0 SSDs

02:28AM EDT – Expect to see the first devices from Crucial and Micron in time for the AM5 launch

02:28AM EDT – With many more to come

02:28AM EDT – A bunch of AM5 motherboards on display at Computex 2022

02:29AM EDT – ASRock, Asus, Biostar, Gigabyte, and MSI

02:29AM EDT – Now back to Lisa to show off a bit of what the AM5 platform can do

02:29AM EDT – (Lisa gets to show off the good stuff; the perks of being the boss!)

02:30AM EDT – First showing a demo running Ghostwire Tokyo

02:30AM EDT – CPU cores are running at up to 5.5GHz

02:30AM EDT – Next demo: Blender

02:30AM EDT – Comparing it to a Core i9-12900K

02:31AM EDT – Blender is maxing out all of the cores

02:31AM EDT – Ryzen 7000 processors available this fall

02:31AM EDT – And we should expect to hear a lot more over the coming months

02:31AM EDT – (Read: AMD will be dip-feeding information)

02:32AM EDT – And that’s a wrap! Thank you for joining us for another live blog

02:32AM EDT – Be sure to check out our Ryzen 7000 announcement piece:

02:32AM EDT – Thanks!

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