How Tom's Hardware Tests, Rates and Reviews Tech Products

How Tom’s Hardware Tests, Rates and Reviews Tech Products

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In order to choose the best technology or keep up with the market, you need expert advice that’s based on solid evidence and copious experience. Sure, you could just read spec sheets and assume that, if a company says its laptop provides “all day” battery life or that its GPU delivers great 4K gaming, it must be true. Or you could comb through hundreds of user reviews to see what previous buyers have to say. But, at Tom’s Hardware, we believe that rigorous testing is key to understanding the latest gear.

As a leading PC hardware and enthusiast technology site founded in the mid-1990s, Tom’s Hardware has been evaluating the latest and greatest CPUs, graphics cards, motherboards, and much more for 25+ years. From Raspberry Pi accessories to SSDs, 3D printers and power supplies – once we get it in our hands, we benchmark the hell out of it using software, sensors and anecdotal testing. Our Tom’s Hardware staff and freelancers have more than a century of experience pushing technology to its limits (and sometimes even breaking it). 

 Tom’s Hardware Promise: Telling it Like it Is

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