Windows 11 Updates To Android 12.1

Windows 11 Updates To Android 12.1

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Edge Chromium And Android On Windows, What A World

Microsoft have changed a bit over the years, as it would have been unimaginable that they would be incorporating technology from their competitors without buying the company outright and absorbing them into their organization.  This has changed, with the advent of Chredge and their serious efforts to improve their Windows Subsystem for Android.  This week, WSA has been updated to Android 12.1 which brings improved integration into the Windows 11 GUI.

This new update will now display if your microphone and camera are in use by an Android app, and those apps should now reliably appear on the taskbar while running.  In addition to improved integration, your Android apps should now be able to access other hardware on your network, allowing for IoT control or just the ability to stream video from a remote camera.

If you are running Windows 11 preview build 22621 or higher, and are interested in how WSA works, pop by Slashdot for more details on what Android 12.1 brings to Windows 11.

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