Galax RTX 3090 Ti HOF With 4.3-Inch LCD Debuts For $2,850

Galax RTX 3090 Ti HOF With 4.3-Inch LCD Debuts For $2,850

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When it comes to ultra-high-end graphics cards, manufacturers tend to start teasing them weeks if not months before actual availability, which to some degree steals the thunder when such boards become available. It is precisely what happened to Galax’s GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Hall-of-Fame (opens in new tab) with a massive voltage regulating module and two 12-pin power connectors. In addition, the final version of the product got not only an enormous cooling system but also a substantial 4.3-inch LCD to monitor its parameters in real time.

Galax’s GeForce RTX 3090 Ti HOF graphics card was designed from the ground up to be one of the industry’s fastest boards in this generation, with formidable performance out-of-box and some serious additional overclocking potential. To do so, the manufacturer equipped its board with a 24+4-phase VRM and two 12-pin power connectors. The combination can theoretically deliver up to 1,200W to the board to feed the full-fat GA102 graphics processor featuring 10,752 CUDA cores with enough power to run at up to a whopping 1,935 MHz (up from 1,860 MHz recommended by Nvidia) with One-click OC feature.

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