Thermal Grizzly's Contact Frame Reduces Alder Lake Temps by 10 Degrees Celsius

Thermal Grizzly’s Contact Frame Reduces Alder Lake Temps by 10 Degrees Celsius

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Independent test results of Thermal Grizzly’s contact frame for Intel’s LGA1700 socket show that using the simple device can reduce the temperature of Intel’s overclocked Core i9-12900K processor by 10 degrees Celsius. In addition, the results emphasize that the device can significantly improve overclocking potential of Alder Lake processors

It turned out that the independent loading mechanism (ILM) of Intel’s LGA1700 socket can deflect CPU’s integrated heat spreader (IHS) and significantly reduce its ability to transfer heat from the die to a cooling system (thus reducing the overclocking potential of the CPU). As a result, numerous methods and mods emerged to solve the issue and lower Alder Lake’s temperature. Several companies have also released various tools to prevent Alder Lake’s bending, but their efficiency has mixed feedback. Furthermore, Intel says that deflection does not cause any issues. In contrast, mods can void a warranty; this almost guarantees that large companies will not modify Intel’s socket of its ILM mechanism. 

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