How to Make CircuitPython Projects on a Chromebook

How to Make CircuitPython Projects on a Chromebook

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There is no denying that the Raspberry Pi Pico made a big impact back in 2021. The $4 microcontroller was quickly adopted by many of the maker communities and groups and one of those was CircuitPython. CircuitPython, a fork of MicroPython which is a version of Python 3 for microcontrollers, is backed by Adafruit who are one of the partners that launched its own RP2040 range of boards. Since its creation back in 2018, CircuitPython has seen a massive investment from the community, with many projects and libraries being ported to the language.

CircuitPython is the best means to introduce Python on microcontrollers, because it’s easy to use with devices appearing in the host OS as USB flash drives. We write our code into the file and we can enable external sensors, screens and inputs via a dazzling array of libraries. 

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