AmiKit, Emulate Amiga On Windows, macOS, And Linux

AmiKit, Emulate Amiga On Windows, macOS, And Linux

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More Than Just Your Average Emulator

AmiKit is an impressive peice of software which allows you to run AmigaOS 3.2 on just about any common hardware, or if you want to get really experimental you can emulate AmigaOS 4.x for PowerPC.  You won’t be looking at a tiny low resolution display with a limited colour palette either, as the development team behind AmiKit have added full HD 32-bit screen modes, anti-aliased fonts and even DualPNG icons are supported.  It is also 64bit, something we wouldn’t have even dreamt of back in the days when Amiga was young.

Once you’ve decided what hardware you want to install AmiKit on you, which includes original 68K Amigas expanded with the Vampire upgrade card, you will have access to over 300 games and programs.   That is not a bad deal for around $10, assuming you are an Amiga fan of course.  If you need to access more modern file, the Rabbit Hole feature allows you to launch Windows/Mac programs from within the AmiKit environment.

This impressive project is worth taking a peek at, if only for the skill and dedication needed to create AmiKit.

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