Best CPU Coolers 2022: Air and Liquid Cooling Picks

Best CPU Coolers 2022: Air and Liquid Cooling Picks

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Whether you’re after impressive overclocks or just looking to build a PC that stays quiet under load, you should choose your cooler carefully. Picking the best CPU cooler for your processor is a key decision in any CPU upgrade or new PC build. The best CPU cooler will make a major difference in your system’s temperatures, noise, and even performance — especially if you’re overclocking. 

If your CPU cooler can’t keep up with the heat your processor is generating, that may result in lower performance or possibly even a shorter lifespan for your processor–andclearly no one wants that.

Also, don’t forget to consider thermal paste or another thermal interface material (TIM). Most coolers will come with some kind of paste, either in a small syringe or pre-applied to the metal cold plate. To make sure you’re getting the most efficient thermal transfer between your CPU and cooler plate, check out the many products we thoroughly tested to find the best thermal paste for your CPU.

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