Best PC Cases of 2022 - Gaming and High-Performance

Best PC Cases of 2022 – Gaming and High-Performance

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Often, builders don’t put much focus into choosing the best PC case for their next build, or push the decision off until the very end of the part-picking process. You might first consider the CPU and graphics card that fits your needs and budget, then move on to picking a motherboard and storage.

But you really should consider your case options early. Getting the best PC case for you is key, because it’s what forms the identity of your computer, dictating its looks and what fits inside, plus the noise levels in your room, and the cooling potential for your rig as well. You can choose to go for one of the best Mini-ITX cases to minimize your system’s footprint on your desk, or you can get a chassis like Fractal Design’s Meshify 2 to house a big, butt-kicking workstation with lots of expansion possibilities.

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