Sapphire Radeon RX 6700 Non-XT 10GB Cards Allegedly Leak

Sapphire Radeon RX 6700 Non-XT 10GB Cards Allegedly Leak

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A new graphics card model appears ready to join AMD’s Radeon 6000 series, based on the RNDA 2 architecture. Providing a glimpse at what might be – remember it is a leak – a pair of Sapphire data sheets highlighting upcoming Radeon RX 6700-based cards have been unearthed by CowCotLand (France).

(Image credit: CowCotLand)

The leaked data sheet images aren’t very detail-heavy, with just a smattering of specifications concerning physical dimensions and output resolutions. CowCotLand obtained some other tech specs, but it doesn’t back these up with any rear packaging images, for example, so we must keep the salt shaker on hand. Check out our handy tech specs comparison table below, featuring the unannounced SKU* and its nearest neighbors.

Radeon RX 6750 XT RX 6700 XT *RX 6700 RX 6650 XT
GPU (7nm) Navi 22 Navi 22 Navi 22 Navi 23
Boost clocks 2600 MHz 2560 MHz 2495 MHz 2635 MHz
Infinity Cache 96MB 96MB 80MB 32MB
CUs / SPs / RAs 40 / 2560 / 40 40 / 2560 / 40 36 / 2308 / 36 32 / 2048 / 32
VRAM 12GB GDDR6 192-bit 18 GBps 12GB GDDR6 192-bit 16 GBps 10GB GDDR6 160-bit 16 GBps 8GB GDDR6 128-bit 17.5 GBps

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