LogMeOnce Review: Password Security That’s Hard to Navigate

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LogMeOnce is proud to be a password-less system: It’s the first password manager I’ve tested that allows you to sign in with just a selfie of your face. You can also use fingerprint readers, your phone’s biometrics, and/or a pin code. And, of course, a strong password — if you’re feeling old-fashioned.

LogMeOnce claims to have 57 “unrivaled top features,” and it does have a lot of features you won’t find in competitors — even some of the best password managers – such as scheduled logins, remote logins, and the ability to encrypt cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. But there are two different tiers of paid service, and some features you see in other full service password managers — such as dark web monitoring — are an add-on that you’ll have to purchase separately. 

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